Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I never finish anythi...

Yes, I'm a slacker. Lately I've done this thing called 'sleep'. Its pretty amazing actually. I do it all the time and I'm kind of a pro. Because of this slight addiction to focusing so much on the back of my eyelids, I have put off all cool things, including blogging. I will try my best to start updating more often. 

I really DO have a lot to talk about. Just ask my husband about the daily email he gets! I'm sure he'd fill you in. Lots of chatter about nothing important, more chatter about a few important things, more mindless chatter and then QUESTIONS! The dreaded bullet point, 'you-better-answer-this-thoroughly-or-you-will-never-hear-the-end-of-it' type of bullet points. The kind I number so he's sure not to miss a single one. He's pretty good about getting back to me and making me feel like I really asked some important shit. I'm pretty positive he absolutely hates it but he'd never tell. Plus, he always says the right things! Damn him for being so perfect! Makes me think he is some Stepford Husband or something. Keeps me wondering when and IF he will ever slip up and show me he is a real human. Humans aren't perfect, right? I mean, check this out... 

Me: #8 -  "If there is one thing you miss about our very early dating days, what would it be?"

Him:  #8 - "There's nothing to miss.  I love you increasingly more every day!  So, by default, missing something from back then would mean that I want to love you less." 

I know, right?! He has to be a robot. HAS to be!  <3 

Basically, this man is amazing! Not to brag too much and get you all jealous and wanting of him (because I will cut you) but I love him so freaking much! With every ounce I have to give, he is THE ONE. Always has been, from day one and not just because he never farts in front of me, always remembers to put the toilet seat down and LOVES laundry. There was just something about him. I have found my perfect and he is truly my happy. I'd be lost without him. For realzy. 

Well, I intended to write more than just how amazing my husband was but, like I said in the title...

I never finish anythi