Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our Santa is Drunk!

I hate to brag but I'm half way there!!! Not everyone.. just me! What a bonus it was getting knocked up! 

Before I start talking about current events, I will update you on Thanksgiving. Yes, I'm that far behind! 

I wasn't very happy about not being with my love during Thanksgiving so I had to think of something creative to send. Last time he missed it, I was able to have a big dinner ordered at Cracker Barrel for him and a friend, who was also away from their family during that time. This year, I had to improvise and make some substitutions. 

Inside this care package was Turkey, a Ham, Corn, Loaded Mashed Potatoes, Cranberry sauce, Caramel Apple pie and some Pumpkin Bread. It was the closest I could come to a real meal without fear of it spoiling. Next year will be the biggest and the best Thanksgiving ever! My family will be complete AND together!

The day after Thanksgiving, some of my family came to see me. It was tons of fun. My mom and aunt cooked us all a late Thanksgiving dinner, which was amazing. Of course I shared with Matt! 

After Thanksgiving, we had a small little birthday party where I had the cutest little cake. We shared that with Matt too! We never leave him out. 

He even got a little love from Azlynn! She was crazy over him!

After all of that eating and partying, he definitely needed one of his naps! I can't wait to have the real deal here napping with me and holding me tight! Forget all of that "I hate to snuggle" shit I used to say! We are going to be hugging so close, we both lose weight from sweating! 

And, Matt mentioned that this thing couldn't possibly look real. Well, try forgetting that you put him inside your car on a dreary, rainy night and then walking outside to unlock it and see this face light up! Your heart stops for a second... both from excitement and fear. You hope its really him surprising you but then you remember he is completely across the world and you'd be mad at him for surprising you so it must be some random, creepy man hoping to catch me unexpectedly and rape me when I get into the car. 

Alright, back to current events... 

If you have been following my blog from the very beginning, you will remember the very first Matt I made? His head was a little small and certainly not as long as his real banana head. 

Well, we took him for a travel to Alabama with us back in October and somehow, he got lost =\ I think he was somehow knocked out of the car during one of our many gas station stops. It was a sad day/vacation. We had so many plans for him! Well, we are finally over the mourning process and decided it was time to replace him with a newer, improved Matt! He comes with many faces! 

Unfortunately, as soon as we got him dressed, I think he overdosed on eggnog before reading to the boys! He looked quite hammered and I'm pretty sure he fell asleep reading because Sebastian had to take over. 

Sure enough, my suspicions were confirmed when I caught him in the chair alone, downing his go-go juice!

He somehow lost his boots but we are really glad to have him back! Who needs an 'Elf on the Shelf' when you have this sexy, mischievousness Santa! I wonder what he will get into next?! Stay tuned to find out! 

We miss you like crazy, babe! You somehow seem to keep me feeling safe and loved 11,000 miles away. You're not my hero because you're a soldier. You're my hero because of everything you've become, everything you do for us, how much you love us... and yet you still manage to find time to be an amazing husband, role model and family man.  I know I've said it before but I honestly couldn't have found a better husband, even if I had built him myself. 

We love you! You are my favorite WNW! 


  1. Looooove your Matt doll ideas. Can't wait to see where he turns up next. ;)