Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Walking Dead Ruined it...

My day started off as a hot mess. Started off bad all because of the show, The Walking Dead and ended bad because of The Walking Dead. Mostly kidding but let me explain: 

I was browsing Pinterest last night looking for some pretty cool stuff to make. I ran across some cool zombie stuff and seen a poster for The Walking Dead. I downloaded the three episodes that I had missed and decided to watch all of them last night. Because of that, I was really late going to bed.... leading me to oversleep this morning, making Sebastian late for school. Once he was late, my entire day felt rushed. I left my house and dropped him off before heading to my OB appointment. 

I made it to my appointment a little early and was called back over an hour after my appointment was scheduled for. Then waited for the doctor FOREVERRRR. Once I was seen, I was told to bring my gestational diabetes log book and they would decide if I needed to be on any medication. I came home and talked to my husband for what seemed like seconds. He had to get off early so HE could watch The Walking Dead =\ Just glad it was the last episode! I hate sharing my husband time with any one or anything ;)  This part didn't really end my day badly, just made me bummed for the rest of it. 

I head back to my doctor appointment to receive my news. Waited for over an hour before I had to leave ONCE again, come home to get the boys and then head back. I check in at the front desk only to find out my name STILL hadn't been called so I wait... forever. I'm extremely exhausted at this point (remember that lack of sleep from The Walking Dead). I'm falling asleep in the chair and then I get called back. Based on my glucose readings, I have to start insulin shots (waaaaaahhhhhh!!!). Because the office is so busy and can't get me in until next week to teach me how to inject myself, I will be on pills this week. Seems as though everything falls apart for this pregnancy. I'm sure Matt is glad he isn't home for me to complain to however, I doubt any of this would have happened if he were home. You know how Murphy's Law goes. 

The boys and I grabbed something quick to eat and came home to get ready for bed. Its only 7:30 and they are already out like a light. I'm headed there myself. Right after I check my blog reports to see if my husband has even been reading any of my blog posts! So far, he didn't check it all last week. I guess I don't have to sit here and write out this long post, like I wanted to, about how amazing I thought he was and how much the boys and I miss him. I guess I could probably even post all of his Christmas gifts on here and he would never even know. OR... I could tell about this amazing little surprise I have lined up for him that might actually score me a 'Wife of the Year' award. I would tell you all about those things in this post but.. my eyes are heavy and I'm falling asleep as we speak. Maybe tomorrow ;) 


  1. LOL If it makes you feel better, I have no readers from Afghanistan either. Russia though, yes. I have one faithful reader there. I feel kinda guilty about the gigantic language barrier.