Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Kindness

Today marks 100 days since Matt has been gone (or 101 as his tracker says). Apparently mine doesn't count the day until its over with. Not sure. I just know that its far too many and it needs to double soon! 

After the whole incident with finding out Matt won't get to come home for the birth of our baby, I've been in somewhat of depression mode. Everything makes me sad, including commercials for fabric softener. Yes, that little Downy bear snuggling a baby just makes me melt ;) Well, tonight, I cried again. This time, it was due to an unexpected act of kindness from a random stranger. 

Phoenix and I decided to go to dinner at Applebee's. My diet consists of meat and veggies so it was the perfect place to get my fix and not have to clean the kitchen or wash dishes. We brought our Matt doll, like we always do. He sat right across from us and even enjoyed a little ice cream. We always get nice reactions from people telling us how cute it is and Phoenix loves it. He likes to tell everyone that asks that he is deployed to Afghanistan and is protecting the good guys from the bad ones. 

We finish our dinner and I sit my card out to the edge of the table. The waiter is taking an extra long time coming back getting back with our ticket and when he finally comes by, he says, "I'm sorry it took me so long but your check has already been taken care of by this gentleman to your left". With my most surprised face, I look next to me to find these three older strangers sitting there enjoying some drinks. The man that took care of our bill said, "It's not just because its Christmas, please thank your husband for his service!" He proceeded to ask where he was stationed and said he was very thankful for the servicemen and all of the families they leave behind, especially during the holidays and told me it was the least he could do. He even went as far as leaving my server a $20 tip. This random stranger, one who I will probably never meet again, had me moved to tears. Not just because he was thinking of us having to eat alone for Christmas Eve but more importantly for thinking about my husband and the sacrifices he has to make, regardless of any holiday. 

To this man, I thank him. I thank him for buying my dinner, for warming my heart and for reminding me there are still decent people in this world. To my husband, your hard work and sacrifices do not go unnoticed. By me or even strangers. You are the hardest worker I've ever met. You make me proud on a daily basis. You are the most favorite part about me and most certainly the best thing I've ever given to myself and the boys. We love you!