Thursday, November 1, 2012

The days linger on...

The days just linger on when I don't hear from him.

Its days like these that make me wish I could sleep all day. The weather was nice but not hearing from him throughout it was just dreadful. Usually I get random emails answering questions I harassed him for the night before or a note just to say that he hopes I'm having a good day. Today was different. Unfortunately, he had to work 16+ hours apparently building the Ritz Hotel of a cardboard work station. Never really understood why the Army wants things to look so pretty in a country that is not so much, but hey.. it keeps them busy. I just wish some days were slower so he could fill my void of missing him by watching his face all day on Skype. I guess its probably a good thing he thinks I'm joking when I say I'd even watch him sleep just to be able to see him. And, I'd do it.. because I'm a total creeper like that =]

My day didn't start off well in the beginning. Not because I knew I wouldn't hear from him all afternoon but because I didn't get any sleep. My two little crazies were up all night fighting over the upstairs bathroom and whose turn it was to puke and poop. At times, Sebastian was doing them both at the same time (everyone who knows me, knows there is never enough TMI so bare with me if you're new). Let's just say it was a long night. Not to mention all of that Halloween walking made my hips hurt like crazy. I thought my legs were going to snap off at the hip like a Barbie every time I tossed and turned. I guess this little baby is growing to remind me of the horrible pregnancy perks that come with that one night of fun. 

Anyway, of course both of the boys stayed home from school this morning and MAGICALLY felt better by noon. Funny how that works out. I'm upstairs getting dressed and presentable. I figured since I felt like shit, I might as well try to appear like I look better. During this adventure of trying to find something that fits and not irritating around my growing belly, all I hear is, "Bubba, stop it! You're not my boss!" and "Stop being a baby before mommy hears you!". I stomp down the stairs and threaten to eat all of their Halloween candy if they don't shut up. It worked... for a minute. They knew I hated chocolate =\

We did manage to get a few things accomplished today. Some are a secret because they are for dad but we did manage to get haircuts. Phoenix loved his "spiky rainbow mohawk" and in true form fashion, Sebastian just complained as usual, "I don't understand why its a big deal to brush my hair everyday anyway!" In between errands, letting the dog run the field out back and cleaning, I finished doing laundry (something I love as much as getting my period while wearing white shorts). 

I guess we all deserved some time to unwind after our busy night of trick-or-treating. We wish he could have been here but there is always next time I s'pose. These next few months are REALLY going to suck without him. I think the Army planned this deployment perfectly. He will miss absolutely every single meaningful holiday. I'm just thankful he can be home for the birth of our daughter. Still crossing my fingers he makes it on time and she doesn't have a mind of her own and make her arrival before he gets off that plane. Anyway, the boys had a great time last night. They said it was the biggest score they've had in such a short time. My hips and feet surely thought it was much longer and definitely not worth it. I'm just glad its over with and we came home to pass out candy instead. I think they have enough to re-gift even fill their stockings with ;) 


  1. I like your new layout! Is this a keeper?

    I forgot to ask- did you see anyone you knew while over in Happy Valley??

    1. Nope! Definitely not a keeper. I was just being anal and this was the only background I could find to match my layout. haha Just keep your eye on it today... shits about to get real fancy up in here!

      And no, didn't see anyone that I liked while visiting 'Happy Valley' haha.