Tuesday, October 30, 2012

25.9% of the way there!

45 Days Down and Counting

I have never really been great at Math but with the help of Google (and hoping it is accurate), it seems as though I am 25.9% of the way through this deployment. Well, not really but at least until I get to see him (and that is going based on the rumors of when he might come home for the birth of our little girl). I am crossing every finger and toe that I have that he won't have to go back! Even if my calculations are wrong, I'm sticking with the 25%. I couldn't bare going back to any less!

With the holidays coming up, I'm struggling with him not being here. I know it will equally suck for him but I just don't know what to send, personally from myself. The boys have crafts for him but I want something from ME. Before I was able to order him a big Thanksgiving meal from Cracker Barrel and let him pig out but this time isn't the same. I'm sure they will have good food (or decent at least) but its not the same when I can't make it myself or even spend time with him. I'd even be happy with Skyping while he ate and even do it a day early just to have his face with us at the table. Okay.. onto a new subject before I cry again.

So, today was a pretty good day. I've been pretty stressed and emotional lately. Maybe its the pregnancy hormones, the stress of him being away or perhaps just me being a woman, who knows. Anyway, I'm pretty sure my hubby knew I was having a pretty awful week and even though I know he won't be eating them, he requested that I bake him some cookies. He knows that baking helps me with stress and I wouldn't feel like baking unless HE asked for them so.... I baked all day! I made a total of 10 dozen. Six dozen oatmeal raisin and four dozen peanut butter. He might eat 5 total but he knew what he was doing and I love him for that! Here is two satchels full of cookies that I couldn't fit into his box! He should have plenty to snack on.

(excuse the terrible cell phone pic. This is as 'professional' as I get these days)

Along with his package of goodies, he will also be getting... another package of goodies. 

Besides these two boxes, he is still waiting on 3 more in the mail. It kills me how slow it is. They shipped out two weeks ago and he still hasn't received them, nor has he received one I sent a month ago =\ I fear it may just be lost. There were some snacks (probably not good by now) and some drawings from the boys. I'm thinking I might need to get started on his Thanksgiving box and send it this week and just pray it might arrive before Thanksgiving is actually over. Oh, and I'm still missing a package he said he sent over a month ago. Getting mail from him once made my week and now the other package is lost. Just my luck!

As for a Brynzee update. I still haven't gained any weight and not sure why (because I eat... a lot!) but my belly is slowly growing. I will show a picture tomorrow when I decide to brush my hair and put on something besides tshirts and sweats. Looking decent is pretty hard to come by these days ;) My pregnancy app says she weighs about 10 ounces and is as long as a carrot (about 10 inches). Doesn't seem like much but she is already growing too fast. Doesn't feel like I'm half way over my pregnancy already. I still have so much to do to get ready for her. I haven't painted her room, put her bed together, gotten bedding ordered or even finished going through her clothes (which is A LOT, might I add). I hope I find enough energy.. and soon!

Anyway, as I sit here updating this blog, I look over and see these guys. Its about time for me to get to bed too. I've gotten old these days. Before Matt left, I couldn't sleep before midnight. Now, I struggle to stay up past 10. This baby is sucking the life out of me. She better be cute to make up for it ;)

Goodnight. I'm off to dream about my love and the amazing family we are growing together =]


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