Saturday, September 22, 2012

One Week Down!!

Its Been a Week!

I guess now I can stop counting the days. I think I made it through the hardest week of my life, at least that is how it felt. Even though I didn't update yesterday, it was a good day. I got out of the house, cleaned some house and managed to sleep 9 full hours! Only woke up twice. My body really needed that. This baby is sucking the life out of me. I really needed a few naps today but stayed up to catch up on work instead. I am planning a Halloween bash for our company spouses and children. Hopefully this will help get their mind off of the sadness they have felt as well. I'm planning games and prizes and we are even going to do 'Ghost handprints' with white paint and black paper to send to their soldier! Don't tell.. this is a surprise! 

So, you must know I've decided to cloth diaper. I am really excited about this. Mostly because Matty does the laundry (and he does it well!) but also to save money have the cuteness factor! Here are a few that I have so far! Instead of making a registry on a website. I am going to just update my Pinterest wish list, which you can find HERE. I can save everything I want in one spot, regardless of the store! If I had less control, I'd be shopping my stress away in diapers! They are too adorable. Never mind, I lie. I have no control.. just broke this week ;) haha

Seriously! Just look at them and tell me you'd be able to contain yourself? Thank my friends that got me started! (Dena and Jennifer D) Both of you are held responsible when Matt has to do his first load of diaper duty! I am giving him both of your numbers. 

The only real productive thing (other than FRG work related stuff) was take the dog to the park with my friend, Leanne, and her dogs. Usually it is just him and I but today... it was like he had won the lottery! There were so many puppy butts to sniff, I think he got overwhelmed! He had lots of fun and we're going back tomorrow. 

There were kids there too. Usually he likes to lick them. He was more interested in 'Cupcake' the poodle in the fence next to ours. He loves playing with little dogs more than big ones for some reason. 

And before I wrap this very brief blog post up, I just want to say how SUPER EXCITED I am that Matty finally has some internet to use! He can actually sit on his cot and talk to me. Its still crappy and slow so we have to mute the mic to keep from disconnecting but we can still stare at each others face and type back and forth. It was the most awesome thing that has happened to me all week (Next to pooping! Pregnancy constipation sucks!) I will hopefully get to hear from him twice a day! At least until he leaves that location to head to his final destination. I hope time flies for him so he can get into some clean clothes!

Matty, I can't wait for you to get home and finish spending forever with me. Actually, forever isn't nearly long enough but its a good start! Here are some pictures to remind you of home! I love you! 

I DO!!! I DO!! I really do! 

I really adore this one! 

Off to dream of you! 


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