Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Is it Over Yet?

Is It Over Yet?

Today was the end of day 11. I wish those triple digits would hurry up up and arrive!

Starting off the day was rough. Last night I decided to drive a total of eight hours to pick up my sister for a 9 day visit with my niece. I know that isn't much but I will take what I can get these days. Spending time with family and friends really help make the time go by faster, especially when they can do little things like help put away groceries and make the boys lunch. Its the little things that Matt used to help with make visits so much more special. Plus, I stay busy and don't think about all the downfalls of deployment as much.

We got home around 5:30 this morning because I couldn't leave until after my volleyball game that ended at 7pm. Sorry, but I can't miss my only chance at fun and activities. It was a pretty smooth trip and I made great timing. Best news was that I got to Skype my husband from my moms computer before leaving. It still sucks that we can't talk to each other. I really miss his soothing voice.

Because I was pure exhausted from the trip, I ended up sleeping past my normal talk time with him. He messaged be but I was too dead to hear it. I basically haven't heard from him all day. Its really sad and unfortunate but it wouldn't be the first crappy sacrifice I had to make and I'm sure it won't be the last ={

After I pulled my butt out of bed, I decided I had to go grocery shopping. Our cabinets were completely bare. So bare, in fact, I'm sure there was dust and spider webs inside. I walked out of Walmart spending $262 and change and feel like there was only a weeks worth of food. I did manage to pick up a few baby things for Brynzee. I'm not a religious person but I've prayed to anyone that would listen to give me a little girl. My husband made that dream come true and I'm very thankful! He will be an amazing father and he is just as excited as I am. So yes, I might go just a little PINK crazy!

I seen this picture and thought it sounding like something my Matty would say. Be waned, little boys!

After my sister and I put groceries away, we headed to Olive Garden. Yes, I did have that a few days ago. Don't judge me. It is delicious. Oh course, I brought my Matty along! He gets his own place on the table. People might see him and wonder why the weird lady has an over sized head attached to a wine glass, sitting right next to her. It doesn't bother me one bit. They can stare all they want but if it is the only face of his I get to stare for the next 9 months, then I will take it! 

As usual, he turns his nose up to trying any of my pasta. The expression on the picture fits perfectly.

He even hated the driving. I think I'm a pretty good driver!

After dinner, we stopped by Pet Smart to pick up a few goodies for Sarge. He has been a pretty good boy the past 11 days so he deserved to be surprised. He scored some huge bones, new Frisbee, bacon treats, and a new collar/harness (so he will stop yanking me so hard that he pulls his collar off).

I think he was excited most about the warm gray doggy sweater he got! Look how excited he was! He literally LOVES it! Acts like he has been wearing clothes his entire life! His face looks like he was saying, "OMG, its so AWESOME!!" Now he won't get cold during the winter either.

He was so excited that he got a new bone, he thought I was going to steal it.

I am off to bed. My eyes are blurry because of my blood pressure and migraine so I am making this blog short today. Even thought I haven't talked to my husband all day, I am really excited that he is on his way to his final destination! A place that has a more comfortable bed to sleep on and hopefully better internet! I am crossing my fingers he makes it there safe and is able to get some privacy. Sleeping inches from 300 stinky men must suck. I did send a huge Care Package out today (one of many). Lots of little things and snacks too. I hope it gets there soon and helps remind him of home. I wish I could send all of the things I want and it didn't take so long to make it there! 

Anyway, I was going through some old pictures and this one made me smile! That night was amazing and makes me wish we could start all over again. I've never felt so loved. I miss you, Matty! 

Off to sleep and dream of my amazing husband. I'm hoping if I go to sleep now, I can dream of holding him in my arms again. A real dream is better than a day dream any day! Hopefully the morning will bring a possible talk with my love.  For now, I'm off to cuddle your pillow and wish you were home with me. Tangling your legs with mine and lying so close, we both sweat our like we're in a sauna.

I love you and I hope I talk to you soon. Off to add my marble. 


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