Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Finally Shaved My Legs...

Day Three. 

Today was a very long and exhausting day. Both mentally and physically. It all started with the boys waking up extra whiny. I cannot emphasize the word. 'whiny' enough. I got them off to school and came inside to take a nap. Yes, it was only 8am but don't judge an emotional pregnant lady. While I was outside, I did notice that one of my neighbors must be looking out for me and drug the trash cans from the road and sat them by the garage. Really nice but showed me how bad I am slacking already =\ It just empowered me even more to go back to bed. Before I could close my eyes, I got the best phone call!  If there is a heaven, I was definitely there. Not only did I get to talk to my Matty, he was actually able to Skype me too! Completely started my day off right. Too bad it had to end. He is amazing. His camera is distorted. Actually makes his nose look like he is in a circus mirror. Haha I'd still love you even if it really looked like that <3

He was really sick and over tired, however, here he was trying to get ME to smile. 

And here was his usual goofy 'kissy face'. I wish it had been real. 

After the phone call, I took a shower, which was desperately needed. It woke me up and made me feel like a real human again. I met a friend and fellow volunteer for our FRG to chat about things and somehow it led me to decide on cloth diapering our little Brynzee. I think they are adorable and will save lots of money. It shouldn't be too hard since Matt does the laundry, right?! Lol Sorry babe but you have been volunteered. 

They are OOBER cute and colorful. Add a shirt and its a complete outfit. Then, no one will notice that I have my baby in public with just a diaper on! haha I doubt anyone notices things like that in Walmart anymore anyway ;) I will gladly accept any baby gifts in the form of gift certificates from THIS link as well. 

See how cute?! Don't you agree we should do this, babe? ;) 

Here is what I had for lunch. Totally healthy, I know!

After a great talk, I rushed home to get the boys off the bus. We packed up and took the dog to the park. It had the kids just as exhausted as the dog! One of the pictures I took caught Phoenix in a face plant after the dog tripped him. HAHA! Call me a bad mom but I had to laugh. Timing was just too perfect! 

We had our first volleyball game today. As much as I looked forward to growing these leg hairs into a full blown pair of pants, I had to shave them for the game. It was worth it. I hadn't played since 7&8th grade of middle school. I will not discuss my age but that has been a while ago! Unfortunately, there wasn't a fall season softball so we have to wait until March for that to start. Perfect timing on that as well since Brynzee should just be born. Only four of our girls ended up showing up so we had to play four against six. Their team started out playing 5 to our 4 just to be fair but when we gave them a run for their money and started kicking ass, they added their additional player. We did end up losing but I think we worked very well considering! Our softball coach came to show his support and I stuck him being the photographer! They are blurry but they are better than none! I think if we played an even number, we most certainly would have won! 

And last but not least, after the game, I received some texts from Matty! No matter how stressed I was from the kids acting like clowns and being behind on FRG work and emails, it still made me smile. I could have really used a hug from him today. These days are going by so slowly. I need to hurry up and find my energy and motivation so I can make it through the days easier. 

Before I add another marble to my deployment jar, here is a little love note for my love. 

Matty, I love you. I couldn't possibly tell you that often enough but I think it every second of every day. You're such and important person in my life and I appreciate everything you do for me and the boys. Thank you for all of the sacrifices you have made, for us and for yourself. Please know they do not go unnoticed. You are my king and I am forever your queen. I miss you terribly.


  1. We got a speech before we left and I've heard it before, but never really considered it because I didn't have anyone to worry about me. I get it now though. The speech was much better, you know how bad I am at remembering things though. My job is easy because I know when to worry. I'll be the first to know if something is going down. You, on the other hand, have the hardest job in the world because you will never know when you should worry. You might worry when you don't hear from me, you might worry if you hear from me at a different time than normal. You might worry if you hear the doorbell ring. You might worry if you get a phone call from an on post number.

    I appreciate every thing you do, no matter how insignificant you might feel it is. You holding down the family/house/cars/motorcycle/boys/Sarge/General by yourself is a huge responsibility and I'm very proud of you for being so amazing at it. You might be thinking that I've only been gone a couple days, but I know from experience how amazing you are (JRTC, field problems, ALC, working late).

    You've said that you wish you were as strong as I, but I think you're stronger.

    I love you, prettiest girl!

    1. Well, you always have me by your side... forever and always. Waking up to this comment made me cry, but only because I was happy. To know that you are able to read this and even sometimes reply. It may be messy when you get home but I will hold it down until I get to hold you again.

      I could never be a strong as you... but I will stay strong FOR you.

      I love you more than I could ever explain.