Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Feel Human Again

Day Five

(And even though I am a grammar Nazi, I am too tired to proofread!)

Still having trouble sleeping. Went to bed around midnight last night after a healthy dose of Tylenol PM. I was hoping it would help keep me asleep instead of my body jolting me awake as if I had just ingested bath salts. Needless to say, it didn't work. I was able to get a few hours, only waking up once before Matt called me right at 4am. I talked to him for about 15 minutes, which is all the time they are allowed when borrowing the phone. After I spoke to him, I couldn't fall asleep again. Got the kids up at 6 and passed out again. Was able to sleep for 2 more hours which was very exciting and refreshing. 

Phoenix stayed home from school today. Woke up with a little fever and sinus issues. I fed him breakfast, walked away and when I came back, he had Matts picture beside his cereal bowl. He misses him very much. After he ate, he did help me clean, which was the first time since Matt left. I had so much dust in my house, it looked like an episode of Hoarders. I managed to finish almost everything, except the laundry! I figure I will get to that one day. 

It was nice outside so took the dog to the park and then we sat on the couch with the windows up watching cartoons. I was able to get some work done so I feel slightly accomplished. I find myself looking at my phone a lot, hoping I haven't missed his call or a message. I did find this really cute background that I love and even downloaded an app to help me keep track of the time in Afghanistan. I'm also counting down the days until Brynzee is born, which is hopefully when I get to see my husband again. I really miss his face. 

I had another volleyball game tonight. The Courier was actually there taking pictures which was cool. I hope they got a good shot of me looking badass ;) We won the first game, lost the second and lost by 2 points in the deathmatch. I don't mind because we still had less players than them!! Its nice to get exercise and have fun at the same time. I really wish my husband was here to watch. He was at absolutely every single one of my softball games.. for two seasons. It was nice to look over and just see him there. Now, I just spend the whole game wishing he was. 

And for dinner, we had pizza AGAIN. Yes, again! Don't judge me. Its delicious. 

I feel lame because there really isn't much to report. Maybe because I'm too exhausted to think right now and partly because we were pretty lazy and just cleaned. The best part about today, besides having enough energy to clean and talking to my husband, was the fact that before I go to bed tonight, I can add one more marble to our jar! Time isn't flying by no means but at least I make it out each day knowing I'm one day closer. 

I love you, Matty Jay! Your baby is moving a lot today! I must have shaken her up at volleyball :) 


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